Terms & Conditions

Background and Introduction

FinTech World Cup (“FWC” or “we”) is a prestigious global competition and conference organised by Dubai FinTech Summit, In partnership with Trescon, dedicated to nurturing innovation in the financial technology sector. Dubai FinTech Summit, a leading platform in the global FinTech landscape, is committed to supporting and launching the world's most promising FinTech entrepreneurs. FWC serves as a platform that unites startups, investors, industry leaders, and tech visionaries in the pursuit of shaping the future of finance.

The competition endeavours to champion innovation by awarding the annual FinTech World Cup winner and selected finalists from a total pool of US$ 1 Million investment prize, which can be structured as equity or a convertible note, depending on the startup's profile. Beyond funding, Dubai FinTech Summit leverages strategic synergies and partnerships to facilitate the organic growth and expansion of startups into new markets. Dubai FinTech Summit’s aim is to support and revolutionize diverse sectors within the financial industry, including banking, payments, insurance, blockchain, and wealth management, contributing to enhanced accessibility and improve lives globally.

FWC is a distinguished global conference and competition that convenes elite startups, investors, entrepreneurs, and eminent tech CEOs. The competition collaborates with prominent global conferences and tech events to host regional startup competitions across multiple continents, including North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia. Each regional champion earns the privilege of participating in the grand finale held in conjunction with the Dubai FinTech Summit, where they vie for the coveted title of FinTech World Cup champion.


Who Can Enter the Competition

  • FWC welcomes startups from all segments of the FinTech sector, regardless of their developmental stage. It is essential that the startup is a legally registered entity, affirming its commitment to the competition.
  • In cases where eligibility may be uncertain, prospective participants are encouraged to reach out for clarification before submitting an entry.
  • Location is not a constraint; FWC invites applications from startups worldwide, with preference given to participation in the nearest regional competition.
  • Capital raised is not a criterion; FWC extends an open invitation to startups irrespective of their fundraising history.
  • The application process is fee-free; however, certain regional partners may offer optional exhibition booths for purchase.

Submitting an Entry

  • Applicants are required to complete their applications in one session. It is highly recommended to retain a copy of the information provided.
  • Specific fields have word limits for text submissions, denoting the maximum allowable word count. To ensure clarity and precision, applicants are encouraged to draft their responses offline before copying and pasting them into the relevant fields.
  • All applications must be submitted in English.
  • As part of the registration process, applicants are obligated to share their application status through social media platforms, effectively confirming their registration. For instance, a sample post may read, "Our team has applied to @FWC2024 #FinTechWorldCup #"YourCompanyName" www.fintechworldcup.io." Registration is confirmed when the FinTech World Cup Twitter account has favorited the post on Twitter and/or LinkedIn.
  • Finalists' selection is influenced by the number of social media posts, as well as the judgment of the committee. To maximise social media engagement, startups are encouraged to utilize both #FinTechWorldCup and #YourCompanyName hashtags, enabling partners, stakeholders, and supporters to amplify their posts.
  • By participating, applicants grant FWC, Dubai FinTech Summit, Trescon, their affiliates, regional partners, judges, and designated third parties permission to utilize the submitted information without constraints. Furthermore, the shared information may be disclosed to collaborating or sponsoring organizations of FWC.

Startup Presentations at Competitions

  • Each local competition's jury will evaluate candidates using predetermined criteria, and the startup with the highest cumulative score will emerge victorious.
  • Jury decisions are conclusive and final, with no avenue for appeals. Jury composition and numbers may differ at each competition.
  • For communication purposes related to the competition, the contact information provided during the application process will be used. Applicants must ensure the accuracy and completeness of their contact details.
  • FWC reserves the right to photograph, record, film, and capture representatives, presentation materials, and any related content via various media formats at competitions or related events. Applicants grant FWC and Dubai FinTech Summit a royalty-free license to use this material in any form.